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How to Become A Jumia Online Affiliate Marketer


If you have been wondering how you could become a Jumia Online Affiliate Marketer, then you’re covered here. Most people wonder how others make sizeable sums of money on Jumia when others aren’t able to. In this article, we’ve made a comprehensive and detailed tip on how you can become a Jumia Affiliate in just a twinkle of an eye. it is not as hard as most people affirm.

As we know that Jumia is one of Africa’s most sought-after online shops where you get to buy, sell, and also display your wares online. It is just like other foreign online shops like eBay and Amazon. It was established and headquartered in Nigeria, today it has over 200 offices and branches across the length and breadth of West Africa and even Africa as a whole.

Jumia doesn’t just sell kinds of stuff but they also engage in affiliate marketing for their valued customers. Their customers tend to enjoy free deliveries, especially for those living or residing in Lagos and its environs. Though for others in other states, they pay some cash for the items or do direct pickups.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the paying kinds of stuff you do online irrespective of the area you focus on. Just like programmers, online marketers, and affiliate marketers have the same thing in common. You may ask what? they all engage in the same strategy which is, persistence and focus.  An affiliate marketer must be focused on the venture no matter the circumstances in sales, promotion, and affiliation.

The difference here is that it is easier to be an affiliate marketer or online entrepreneur, but not that easy to be a programmer. let’s leave that story for another day.

Below are the possible ways to become a Jumia Affiliate Marketer;

1.  You must have a Jumia account, that is, you must download the app and either sign up or sign in.

2. You must be a regular and conversant customer for like a period of 6-8months.

3. You must be referring people to also purchase kinds of stuff via Jumia. Refer your friends, family, and loved ones.

4. You must also sign up on the Jumia Affiliate Hub which is called Jumia KOL

5. On your KOL account, make sure you make all the necessary settings on the first log-in.

6. Insert your bank account details, personal data, and website details on the KOL account.

7. Set your country and the country’s currency or your preferred currency.

8. Link your website to the KOL account and start affiliating. It’s just that simple.

9. Review your commission balance whenever you generate a Jumia link for your site. If you aren’t given a commission, do well to reload the page.

That’s how to be an active and vibrant Jumia Affiliate Marketer. If you have any inquiries or suggestions, drop your notes in the comment section below. Thank you.



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